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Paul and Inge de Wet started breeding in 1998 from a mare line tracing to Pauli de Wet from Zandvliet Stud’s mares Maricopa and Murmansk that were imported from England.

Thoroughbred mares from this line were crossed with Dutch Warmblood Stallions resulting in very beautiful sport horses.

After an introduction to Hannoveraners the stallion Lenbach Go On v. Londonderry/Brentano was imported with Von Gahku Stud in 2016.

Beautiful black dressage bred mares were imported the next year. The current horses for sale are from these new genetic lines.

2019 Hannoveraners

Luciano PS v. Lenbach Go On/Burggraaf/Gribaldi

13.10.2019, bay colt


Roussanne PS v. Rotspon /Westernhagen

18.11.2019, bay filly


Bellini PS v. Benicio/Hochadel/Di Caprio

28.11.2019, bay colt


2018 Hannoveraners


Rémy PS v. Rotspon /Fürst Romancier

27.09.2018, black colt, DE 431316911418


Rochas PS v. Rotspon/Hochadel

30.09.2018, black filly, DE 431316911318


La Tâche PS v. Lenbach Go On/Westernhagen

27.11.2018, bay filly, DE 431316919819


2017 mare imports from Germany

Felicitas v. Fürst Romancier/Wolkentanz

sport name Fabella Noir

24.05.2013, black mare, DE 431319747013


Hachez TI v. Hochadel/Di Caprio

14.05.2013, black mare, DE 431313905313

2017 Hannoveraners

La Scala PS v. Lenbach Go On/Embassy

07.12.2017, bay filly, DE 431316620918


Ludovico PS v. Lenbach Go On/Westernhagen

24.11.2017, bay gelding, DE 431316621118

2016 Stallion import from Germany

Lenbach Go On v. Londonderry/Brentano

2002, chestnut, registered Stallion, DE 431318802802

Sold to Callaho 2018

2016 sport horses

We changed the naming protocol from KWPN where it is alphabetical to Hannoveraner where the name starts with the same letter as the sire. This is the key to the Hannoveraner sire lineage identification.

Fabio v. Fenix/Burggraaf

Birth date 15.11.2016, brown gelding


Brioche v. Briar/Surging River

Birth date 31.12.2016, bay mare


Wikid v. Westernhagen/The Sheik/Al Mufti

Birth date 03.10.2016, bay mare


Karamel v. Kannan/Westernhagen

Birth date 01.12.2016, bay mare

Hannoveraner Verband registration DE 431316860717

2015 mares

Belle v. Burggraaf/Gribaldi

16.12.2006, bay mare, NLD 003200613040

mare bred by Dageraad Stud


Wlasta v. Westernhagen/Welser

13.02.2013, bay mare, DE 43136884812

mare bred by Von Gahku Stud


Escada v. Embassy/Singular Joter

08.03.2003, bay mare, DE 431311901303

mare imported by Callaho

2015 sport horses

Krug v. Axel/Flemmingh

Birth date 16.10.2015, bay gelding 


Kenna v. Axel/Burggraaf

Birth date 05.10.2015, chestnut filly

2014 sport horses

Joule v. Ampere/Flemmingh

Birth date 11.10.2014, Bay colt


Jura v. Axel/Kefaah/High Top

Birth date 13.10.2014, bay mare

2013 sport horses

Icon v. Axel/Cordoba

Birth date 02.12.2013, chestnut gelding


Ingres v. Ampere/Burggraaf

Birth date 26.09.2013, bay colt


Invisible Ink v. Axel/Almushtarak

Birth date 17.09.2013, bay colt


Imagine v. Goodtimes/The Sheik/Al Mufti

Birth date 19.12.2013, bay colt


Iman v. Upgrade/Flemmingh

Birth date 22.09.2013, bay mare


Ivory Tower v. Axel/Royal Chalice

Birth date 29.10.2013, chestnut mare


Islay v. Axel/Surginag River

Birth date 02.09.2013, bay mare

2012 sport horses

Herrera v. Axel/Almushtarak

Birth date 30.10.2012, bay mare


Hot Chocolate v. Axel/Kefaah

Birth date 05.12.2012, bay filly


Hennessy v. Axel/mare from Corn family

Birth date 29.08.2012, chestnut stallion


Haiku v. Axel/The Sheik/Al Mufti

Birth date 18.12.2012, bay gelding


Hussey v. Axel/Burggraaf

Birth date 24.10.2012, chestnut filly


Hugo v. Rhodium/Cordoba

Birth date 27.10.2012, brown gelding


Hermes v. Axel/Dancing Champ

Birth date 22.10.2012, bay gelding


Hepburn v. Axel/Royal Chalice

Birth date 12.11.2012, bay colt

2011 sport horses

GQ v. Axel/Dancing Champ

Birth date 17.10.11, brown gelding


Galliano v. Axel/Almushtarak

Birth date 27.10.2011, chestnut gelding


Gabbana v. Goodtimes/Flemmingh

Birth date 28.09.2011, chestnut gelding


Guess v. Axel/Royal Chalice

Birth date 19.10.11, bay mare

2010 sport horses

French Connection v. Axel/Crimson Waves

Birth date 25.01.2011


Furstenberg v. Axel/Cordoba

Birth date 08.01.2011


Fanfare v. Axel/Special Preview

Birth date 09.12.2010

2009 sport horses

Edo v. Axel/Cordoba

20.11.2009, chestnut gelding


Ebbe v. Dageraad/Crimson Waves

17.10.2009, brown gelding


Ella v. Dageraad/Special Preview

12.10.2009, bay mare


Emilie v. Axel/Lambent Light

01.12.2009, chestnut filly


Tidal v. Surging River/Dancing Champ


Birth date 16.10.2007

Brown filly


Pillow Book v. The Sheik/Dancing Champ

ZAF 20063418

Birth date 19.10.2006

Bay filly


Whisper Not v. Almushtarak/Dancing Champ


Birth date 24.09.2005

Bay Filly


Galina v.Almushtarak/Dancing Champ


Birth date 27.09.2004

Bay filly


Moneo v. Cordoba/Dancing Champ


Birth date 24.10.2000

Bay filly


Catherine v. Royal Chalice/Dancing Champ

Birth date 17.09.1999, bay filly, ZAF 19901002647

Foundation mares from 1998

Siberian Dancer v. Dancing Champ/Don Cossack

Irish Dancer v. Kefaah/High Top