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Hannoveraner Stallion of the year 2017: ROTSPON

The Rubinstein/Argentan-son Rotspon was nominated “Hannoveraner Stallion of the year”. The black stallion occupies a strong position in many mare lines because of his above average gaits and his super rideability that he passes to his progeny – qualities that riders all over the world appreciate.

Rotspon was born February 22, 1995 at Hans-Heinrich Müller’s in Stade. He was presented at the 1997 Stallion licensing in Verden whereafter the State Stud Celle purchased the black colt and gave him the name Rotspon – a tradition-rich North German expression for high-quality red wines.

Rotspon’s pedigree features the Hannoveraner trademark stallions Rubinstein, Argentan, Pik Bube and Wendekreis, turning Rotspon into one of the most important representatives of the dam line Noreja.

Rotspon scored the best of his age-group at the Stallion performance test at Adelheidsdorf, scoring 148.72 points in the dressage evaluation and 145.67 points overall. He prevailed against Londonderry, the former winner of the stallion licensing and “Hannoveraner Stallion of the Year” of 2013.

Rotspon sired the state premium mare Romanze, winner of the 2002 Ratje Nieburg-Show. His sons Rascallino and Royal Blend also moved to stalls at Celle. Almost 100 of his sons and daughters are successfully competing at the advanced dressage level and he has sired 277 auction horses to date. He has established a reputation as dam sire and his genes can be found in pedigrees of successful dressage horses such as Olympic champion Showtime, member of the German gold squad with Dorothee Schneider in Rio de Janeiro.

Inge de Wet visited the Stallion licensing and witnessed this award with great excitement as Paarden Stud has two mares in foal to Rotspon for 2018. It was also a great pleasure to meet Rotspon in person at Adelheidsdorf. He is now 22 and still in demand with breeders all over the world.

SAWHS inspection 18 February 2018

Paarden Stud showed 4 horses to the inspectors Jan Chrome-Sperling, Karin Koup and Ryan Andrews on Sunday. We wish to thank the SAWHS who included us in this round of inspections.

Lenbach was licensed at the hengstkeuring at Marbach in 2004, but was presented for over stamping. Fabella Noir and Hachez were inspected in Germany in 2017 and were viewed for database recording. Weihnacht has only just turned two and we were keen to hear the panel’s comments on this amiable youngster. Here are some pics.


The inspection panel above and Lenbach v. Londonderry/Brentano being lunged below


Fabella 1

Fabella Noir  v. Fürst Romancier/Wolkentanz above and Hachez v. Hochadel/Di Caprio below




Young 2-year-old stallion Weihnacht v. Westernhagen/Bergamon above , lunged below and his stable name tag bottom


Weihnacht sign



2017 Foaling and breeding season

After planning matings and getting mares in foal in 2016, the patient wait is over for Paarden Stud. Our first foal arrived on 24.11.2017. Ludovico v. Lenbach/Westernhagen is the first foal of the Hannoveraner stallion Lenbach v. Londonderry/Brentano in South Africa. Lenbach was imported from Germany in 2016.

Ludovico, as well as the second foal La Scala v. Lenbach/Embassy, present typical Hannoveraner heads, an intelligent large eye and beautiful neck and frame. Both foals express elastic movement, and the quality excites us for the future progeny of Lenbach.

We have concluded our 2017 matings and are expecting foals in 2018 by:

Rotspon v.Hochadel/Di Caprio

Rotspon v. Fürst Romancier/Wolkentanz

Lenbach v. Westernhagen/Welser


During 2016 Dr. Ludwig Christmann of the Hannoveraner Verband was instrumental in matching Lenbach to the bloodline needs of our broodmares. Lenbach is free from D, S and R lines with limited strands of W. He is not only a son of the very successful Hannoveraner stallion Londonderry, the 2013″ Hannoveraner Stallion of the Year”, but he also carries Brentano, a son of Bolero, and Grande genes.

Lenbach was imported to South Africa in November 2016 by Inge de Wet and Annerie Myburgh. After the long quarantine period he visited Calaho where semen was collected for our 2016 covers. The first of his progeny has arrived and apart from presenting strong Hannoveraner type, they excite with their elastic movement.

Lenbach is licensed for Hannover, having passed the hengstkeuring at Marbach in 2004 with a gesamtindex of 109,85 and placed 4th in the group. He impressed with correct gaits, beautiful type and a stunning walk. He will be inspected in February 2018 for general licensing in South Africa when Jan-Crome Sperling, a specialist in training young stallions for licensing in Germany, will be visiting South Africa. We hope that he will be available for use to other breeders in 2018.


Paarden Stud has bred sport horses since 1998. 

We now breed Hannoveraner Verband registered HANNOVERANERS primarily for dressage.

We aim for type, quality of movement, willingness to perform and rideability.


Frozen semen of top international Hannoveraner Verband licensed or approved stallions are used in addition to LENBACH who is resident at our Stud.




Our mares are imported from Germany and are all main studbook mares.



We breed a limited number of foals a year. They are inspected, branded and admitted to the Hannoveraner main studbook. Foals are for sale after weaning.