The Kennel and what’s new

The Fever litter Grafiet Fever x Biscuit Saltus Ze Zahrabske was born on 4 April 2019. There were 5 males and 4 females. Grafiet Rhapsody, a male, was retianed for stud duties and is called Rhapsody in Blue or Blue for short.

From our original group, we said goodbye to Mossie (Epoha Kurabo Moscow) in March 2019. Wia Alarm Beskyd joined the family of Eloise Lotz in 2018. Alibaba Saltus Ze Zahrabske went to live with Inge Bojé in Bulawayo and we lost Twister Alarm Beskyd after a back injury, all in 2017.

Our current group is:

NIKON Barbe la Gris

Grand Sen ISIS

Velvet Dandys LORELAI

Glenkeela WALLIS

BISCUIT Saltus Ze Zahrabske

Grafiet GIDDY

Grafiet SATIE



Litters planned for 2020:

NIKON Barbe la Gris x BISCUIT Saltus Ze Zahrabske,

born Tuesday, 17 March 2020

7 pups


Grafiet HEART OF GOLD x Grafiet ALMOND,

born Sunday, 22 March 2020

10 pups



Pups are KUSA registered, vaccinated and microchipped. Price R8,000 excl. VAT. Allow R900 for SAA Cargo delivery if you are living outside the Western Cape and cannot collect pup.





Grafiet Standard Schnauzers




Paul and Inge de Wet imported nine S&P Standard Schnauzers from all over Europe to increase the depleted Standard gene pool in South Africa. These dogs were selected for showing and breeding, and are from great international breeders. The kennel name Grafiet was registered with KUSA in 2012.


Grafiet Standard Schnauzer puppies


Kennel Grafiet breeds 3 litters of pups a year. Pups are made available to suitable owners. The Standard is gutsy and a lot of dog for it’s size. Therefore owners need to take the time to socialize dogs and preferably take pups for training. They need firm handling, structure and an owner that takes a pack leader position. They also need exercise to channel their energy. They make loyal family pets.