Grafiet Standard Schnauzers Puppies

We breed at most three times a year. The matings are planned and executed with care, the whelping managed, and pups carefully grown to eight weeks when they can go home. After weaning pups are started on Royal Canin dog food and crate trained.

Prospective owners are welcome to contact us for information, or to be added to our list. We require prospective owners to complete a questionnaire that helps us, after doing the Volhard puppy test* with litters at 7 weeks, to pair pups with owners.

Our pups are sold for R8,000. We are VAT registered and the price excludes VAT. A deposit is paid at birth to reserve a pup, and the balance at 8 weeks when they go home.

Pups are vaccinated at 6 weeks, with the 9 and 12 week boosters to be done by new owners. Pups are microchipped and registered with KUSA. Owners residing elsewhere in South Africa need to allow for SAA Cargo. We use our own crates that need to be returned to us by courier.

* The Volhard puppy test evaluates each pup in the litter on 10 different aspects, and scores them. The score assists to determine the nature and character of the pup, and which type of owner would suit the pup’s character.