This litter was named after Jungle Book characters from the pen of Rudyard Kipling




Standard Schnauzer


3 males, 5 females


Nois Epoha MOSCOW x ALIBABA Saltus ze Zahrabske of Grafiet

Grafiet CHIL, female, KUSA reg no. ZA012272B15, microchip no. 900250000169323, owner A Lombard

Grafiet BAGHERA, male, KUSA reg. no. ZA012273B15 , microchip no. 900250000140162, owner A Mealor

Grafiet HATHI, female, KUSA reg. no. , microchip no. 900250000169325, owner D Card

Grafiet IKKI, female, KUSA reg. no. ZA012275B15, microchip no. 900250000201344, owner A Morgenrood, named Purdee

Grafiet RAKSHA, female, KUSA reg. no. ZA012278B15, microchip no. 900250000169311, owner S Michel

Grafiet RIKKI-TIKKI-TAVI, male, KUSA reg. no. ZA012280B15 , microchip no. 900250000140085, owner A Granova

Grafiet AKELA, female, KUSA reg. no. ZA012285B15, microchip no. 900250000169313, owner, B de Klerk

Grafiet BALOO, male, KUSA reg. no. ZA012288B15, microchip no. 900250000140080, owber, S Woolman, named Springsteen.