The Kedgeree litter was named after rice dishes of the workd




Standard Schnauzer


3 male and 4 female


Glenkeela WALLIS x NIKON Barbe la Gris

Grafiet PAELLA, female, KUSA reg. no. ZA012265B15, microchip no. 900250000140160, owner M Swart

Grafiet RISOTTO, female, KUSA reg. no. ZA012266B15, microchip no. 900250000140090, owner J Cilliers

Grafiet JAMBALAYA, male, KUSA reg. no. ZA012267B15, microchip no. 900250000169320, owner HJ Grobler

Grafiet BIRYANI, male, KUSA reg. no. ZA012268B15, microchip no. 900250000140099, owner N Loots

Grafiet PILAF, female, KUSA reg. no.  ZA012269B15, microchip no. 900250000140091, owner was L de Wet

Grafiet KEDGEREE, female, KUSA reg. no. ZA012270B15, microchip no. 900250000169310, owner H Wilkins

Grafiet BIBIMBAP, male, KUSA reg. no. ZA012271B15, microchip no. 900250000140168, owner D Coutts-Trotter