Grafiet BLUE HEART, Mike, with the Barrons. Grafiet GRAFF, Mauser, with Amelia.



Standard Schnauzer


We have 3 to 4 litters of Standard Schnauzer puppies a year. These pups are the product of selecting and importing top European bloodlines. Our ALIBABA’s sire ICH SKIPPY Saltus ze Zahrabske won BOB and WW at the World Dog Show in Helsinki 2014. Our WIA’s sire ICH Avenue Concorde MAGNIFIQUE won BOB at Crufts 2014.

Our matings are planned with care and attention to the genetic bloodlines. After the long wait, we nurture these pups, with mom feeding the first 4 to 6 weeks whereafter we start them on Royal Canin Medium Junior food.

Our pups are KUSA registered, microchipped and vaccinated. The pups are socialized and crate trained. To assist with placing the pups and pairing their personalities with the family, we ask the family to complete a questionnaire and we do the Volhard puppy aptitude test. This great tool evaluates the pup’s social attraction, following, restraint, social dominance, elevation dominance, retrieving, touch sensitivity, sound sensitivity, sight sensitivity and stability.

We care about the future of our pups and would like to place them with caring owners who are up to the challenge of a Standard. They are not for all, as their coats require attention, they need to be handled firmly, they need exercise to be balanced and happy, they need to be part of the family and crave social interaction. They are not “outside” dogs.

The Standard owners become friends and share a common love. As a group we get together from time to time to do grooming workshops, or just enjoy a fun hike with the dogs.

As we only have a limited amount of litters a year, pups are not available on call. Breeding is a slow, natural process, with each pregnancy cherished and celebrated. Interested owners might need to wait for their preferred pup.


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Standard Schnauzer