Hannoveraner Stallion licensing and Stallion Sales

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The 2017 Verden Stallion licensing took place in Verden the last week in October 2017. Inge de Wet attended the licensing and following auction.

The convincing quality of the youngsters born in 2015 became apparent already at the pre-selection, with the result that 108 stallion prospects were presented. The process is a 3 day test consisting of free-jumping, presentation on the triangle and lungeing. 78 two-and-a-half year olds were accepted for breeding, 18 of them nominated premium stallions.

Heike Kemmer commented on the development after the pre-selection, the excellent quality and the variety of top horses, particularly against the frequently criticized decline in breeding figures. 53 Dressage stallions and 25 show jumping stallions were licensed.

This raised the expectation of the stallion sales on the Saterday afternoon at the Niedersachsenhalle. The best-priced stallion was a big-framed liver chestnut Sezuan/Donnerhall-son bred by Klausing, Diepholz. Helgstrand Dressage offered the final bid at €650,000. The company also purchased a Finest/De-Niro-son (breeder Ruwe, Nortrup) for €360,000. The same price was paid for a black stallion prospect by Toto Jr./Sandro Hit (breeder Holtland, Ysselmulden). The most expensive show jumping stallion was the Cascadello/For Keeps-son (breeder Olympic champion Nieberg, Sendenhorst) sold for €85,000.

The State Celle Stud purchased promising young Hannoveraner stallions, as did the state studs from Moritzburg and Warendorf and a number of private stallion holders. The auction results are below.

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