Grafiet JEWEL litter departure

Our Grafiet Jewel litter of 11 fiesty pups was 8 weeks old on 15 December 2014. The Cape Town contingent were handed to their new owners at CAFEEN Coffee Shop in Harfield Village on Saturday. The instructions, in the form of a new owner puppy guide, with lead, themometer and puppy pack from Royal Canin, was handed over and discussed over coffee and breakfast.

OCEAN DREAM aka Gambit was dropped at the airport to fly to his new owners in Durban.

Grafiet HOPE was collected on Sunday with instruction taking place over scones and tea.

The pups and owners are:
Grafiet OCEAN DREAM (Gambit) – Andy and Kathy Fairfield
Grafiet CULLINAN (Hugo) – David Chang
Grafiet SANCY (Louis) – Sheena and Roly Hutchings
Grafiet REGENT (Igor) – Fanie and Elchrisna de Villiers
Grafiet BLACK ORLOV (Lycan) – Marius van den Berg
Grafiet HOPE (Bobby) – Ben and Eileen Lategan

We are enjoying the company of the the other 5 until after New Year. They are:
Grafiet CHLOE – Johan Pretorius
Grafiet TIFFANY – Ronnie Fisher-Jeffes
Grafiet GOLDEN EYE (Chuckles) – Krisha Waluk
Grafiet BLUE HEART (Mike) – Shaun and Jane Barron
Grafiet GRAFF (Mauzer) – Amelia Morgenrood

We wish all the very best!






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